It’s not easy to define what we do! Certainly, we design and deliver structured development programmes, for example our Future HR Leaders Programme. And we enjoy facilitating great HR Leaders Peer Networking events, either in person or virtually.  So much of our work is actually very customised to specific clients and born of close mutual understanding. We give a lot of time and energy to understanding the here and now. When we are clear we share our thoughts with you and very often this leads to specific consultancy, development or research tailored to live issues within your organisation.

Clients who have experienced the Oxen Park approach feel comfortable dipping into our regular events, enjoy exchanging ideas with like minded professionals and show their trust in us by sharing some of their challenges.

Take a look at our services but don't hesitate to think beyond them if what you really need is something designed around you and your organisation.

Peer Networking

"I arrived towards the end of the first session.  The atmosphere struck me immediately as open, warm, safe and friendly.  This built as we broke for a drink, another session and dinner.  The next day collaborative interactions were sparking for me and for others. A network event that was a real network." Andrew Campbell, Director at Ashridge Management Centre


Future HR Leaders Programme

"Excellent opportunity to learn more about self and get open feedback from HR colleagues" Timofei Mezheritsky, Senior HR Business Partner EMEA at DuPont Switzerland

"The programme was powerful, unpredictable and be prepared to be taken to places you didn't think you'd go." Louisa Neale, HR Manager at RCT Homes